Garden visit with a Dahlia lover

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Garden visit with a Dahlia lover


I think it is impossible not to find a dahlia you love. Although they can be a bit gaudy there is such an enormous range of colour and form that even a gardener with a taste for subtlety could find one they liked. They can be labour intensive though, being frost tender they traditionally are lifted for the winter, overwintered and potted up indoors before being planted out in spring. Sarah Raven – the cut flower expert – thinks it is worth planting them deep and mulching them as they will survive most of our winters . She then replaces the tubers the rare year she loses them – might be a risk worth taking to save on the labour?

Although many dahlias can be hard to work into a planting scheme, almost all look amazing as a cut flower, that is why the idea of growing them in allotment is such a great one. I got the opportunity to visit a dahlia lover’s garden and allotment last weekend and it was a delight.

We went from a (mostly green!) city garden with a lovely old world charm to a riot of colour from the dahlias at the allotment. The dahlias are grown for cutting and are used occasionally by a lucky local florist.


Acer palmatum “Osakazuki’ as a centrepiece in the lawn


Box balls and agapanthus lead the eye to a bench in front of the lovely old stone walls


The only sign of dahlias in the garden is a lovely orange which ties in with the orange greenhouse which fills with potted dahlias over the winter


Box balls with hakonechloa and yukka have nice contrasting form

In contrast we are greeted by a sea of colour at the allotment




Dahlia ‘Downham Royal’


A pink (I didn’t get the name of!) with Echinacea purpurea


Dahlia ‘Jowey Winnie’ with ‘Nuit D’ete’ in the background


Dahlia ‘Labyrinth’


As well as dahlias there are other flowers for cutting, here are poppy seed heads, Amni Majus and Scabious ‘Black Knight’ a stunning combination


A bucket of dahlias to take home


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